Out now: Sentinel of the Spice Isle



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Spice Island Sentinel


A teaser from my expedition article…

“…With hushed steps, we picked our way through the forest. A giant millipede had caught my eye as it ambled along a fallen tree, when suddenly we heard a slow and haunting “hoo – hoo – hoo.” Holding my breath, we edged further. As we rounded the corner, I saw movement amongst the dry twigs on the forest floor and one dusty coloured bird strutted across our path. I was staring at a living ghost – sentinel of the Spice Isle: The Grenada dove…”

Hot off the press: my article is now out in issue 23 of Biosphere magazine.

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New species of lizard named after Sir David Attenborough

A new species of lizard discovered in southern Africa has been named after Sir David Attenborough: Platysaurus attenboroughi.

“We thought it fitting the lizard be named after the world-famous naturalist after he made famous a closely related flat lizard species in the BBC series Life in Cold Blood,” said Dr. Martin Whiting. Dr. Whiting and his team helped Sir David and the BBC crew capture the clips of the blue flat lizard, the Augrabies flat lizard, P. broadleyi. The new species has been described in the journal Zootaxa.

The two-coloured lizard is the first herpetofauna to be named after the legendary broadcaster.

P. attenboroughi large

Photo credit: P. Whiting